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Briefing | Assessment for bio brewery relocated in a new and large building that used to be a spinning factory. After the architect's intervention, the clients asked for ideas in order to make the space attractive and useful for the customers and the workers. One of the most important targets was to reuse the furniture that they already had.
The aim was to create more than a brewery factory. They wanted to offer a dynamic space where people could taste the beers and also offer cultural events.

Solution | Keep the vintage style of the factory and the reminiscences of the old production building using raw materials all over. A wide entrance allows the customers to meet and know which products are sold. The modular and movable furniture helps to set them in the best way, depending on what each moment requires. For the illumination we designed, together with the client, pendant lamps reusing the packaging called Keykeg Bag-in-Ball that Cerveses Lluna uses for the beer taps.

ca na lloba retail · bar · workplace

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